The Theory of Everything book cover page
The Theory of Everythingbook cover page

The Theory of Everything (Astronomy)

  • Book Name : The Theory of Everything
  • Subject : Astronomy
  • Language : English
  • Publisher : Jaico Publishing House
  • Author : Stephen Hawking
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Seven lectures by the brilliant theoretical physicist have been compiled into this book to try to explain to the common man, the complex problems of mathematics and the question that has been gripped everyone all for centuries, the theory of existence.

Undeniably intelligent, witty and childlike in his explanations, the narrator describes every detail about the beginning of the universe. He describes what a theory that can state the initiation of everything would encompass.

Ideologies about the universe by Aristotle, Augustine, Hubble, Newton and Einstein have all been briefly introduced to the reader. Black holes and Big Bang has been explained in an unsophisticated manner for anyone to understand.

All these events and individual theories may be strung together to create a theory of the origin of everything and the author strongly believes that the origin might not necessarily be from a singular event. He advocates the idea of a multi-dimensional origin with a no-boundary condition to remain true to the theories of modern physics and quantum physics.

The book provides a clear view of the world through Stephen’s mind where he respectfully dismisses the belief that the Universe conforms by a supernatural and all-powerful entity.

The Theory of Everything Book's FAQ

Is the theory of everything worth reading?

The Theory of Everything is one of the most famous books in all of Astronomy. it's still a Best Seller on Amazon in 2024.

Is the theory of everything good advice?

Yes The Theory of Everything books is a good advice.

What's The Theory of Everything about?

The Theory of Everything is a Astronomy books, published by Jaico Publishing House publisher.

Who is the publisher of The Theory of Everything book?

The publisher of The Theory of Everything book's is Jaico Publishing House.

The Theory of Everything audio book?

If you want to listen the audiobook of The Theory of Everything book's then please click here
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Who is the author of The Theory of Everything book?

The Theory of Everything book's are is Stephen Hawking .

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